episode 00. Felling for leather.


Leather, Towards the Future.

Shinji Takahashi
Production Department, Production Section 1, Section Manager


23 years from 19 years-old. Until today, I've experienced many processes of leather manufacturing. Now, I'm in charge of all wet-end production from pre-production until dyeing. In leather manufacturing, it's often misunderstood that the quality of materials is everything. In fact, it depends on how much can you make a use of these materials. From washing rawhides in the pre-processing until finishing process, will determine "What" leather will be.

At the process of changing "raw leather" to "processed leather", We give an exceptional importance to what it called "grain". To make a smooth and firm pores of the skin, it depends on how we tuning & adjusting the receipt of liming and tanning process. In each process, we have a "PRO".

I've been a "Supporter" role, learning by doing in many work-site, and this might be a key of how I can create a workflow today. However, despite 23 years of working yet, I'm still an undergraduate student. I'm a newcomer when it come to "Drying" and "Finishing" process, and a ton of knowledge from experienced craftsman is waiting. While I take time learning a new thing, the point that I didn't realize until now, it just simply appears in front of me.


I want to do more remember more, or maybe I just thinking if I don't do it, I won't know anything. Learning by watching others, steal their technique and be admitted. Now I'm walking around work-site and working together with them. I think the way we can communicate with each other, make a work-site more enjoyable are very essential.

As leather professional, we put our heart into leather making, to serve our best quality leather to our customers. At the same time, from our perspective, the leather is the same with human-being, it has wrinkle and vein. And the point is how we can maintain the leather originality while making it uniformity.

What is "Good Leather"?. Maybe product uniformity is an answer. As it may be the charm of leather which it can get old. Perhaps a waterproofed leather or a multi-purpose leather. In the end, I think good leather is the leather that can fulfill customer’s needs. Though it's merely waiting for an order, I couldn't say that we're making leather. I want to create leather with everyone, create the leather that moving towards the future.