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With our over 100 years history and integrated production system,
to answer your varied demands.

For over 100 year, we have been make leather, and we were always a leader in leather industry. Each piece of hides is different beacause each cattle grew up in different enviornment and ate different feed. Today our staff can judge each piece properly and make good leather from them. All beacause we have succeeded from our seniors the techniques and know-hows and also the love for leather. Our customers are looking for different leather, different functions, different characters. We can satisfy all those requirements thanks to our integrated production system. We also put lots of energy in research and development, and we are good at giving leather additional functions. If you want to use leather but don't know how should you use it, our staff, who are always looking at the market needs who are always trying to find potential nees, will help you and give you ideas.

Make leather more sustainable, more eco friendly.

Essentially, leather is a eco-friendly material. It is the by-product of the beef. By making it leather and using it, I think this is also a respect for the creature eaten by us. And since leather is strong and durable, it will change and show its new face as you using it. People will gradually love their leather products. Thus, leather goods will always be used for a long time, this will help reducing the waste. Let people know more about it will contribute to both leather industry and environment protection, and we consider it as a mission to a company who knows everything about leather like us. We are actively trying to give this correct information to consumers like by conducting lectures, and we also joined JICA's Africa leather industry support program since 2018. Now we have started project to reduce environmental burden from many aspects, in order to gain the LWG certification which is becoming the requirement if you want to do business in global leather market.

Make our quality better and improve our R&D capability,
explore leather's potentials by our hands.

Sanyo is now standing at another crossroad and facing the very start of its third term. After WWII, since the high economic growth period started, we have always been chosen by domestic makers. This achievement, along with veterans' skill, experience and the fresh air brought in by new comers, we now have much stronger creative ability, planning ability and R&D capability. This expands Sanyo's possibility, help us provide better plans and better products to customers. We also have new plan trying to contribute to local revitalization as our wet white leather has a link with history of Himeji. We look at the future of leather industry and our home - Himeji, aim to make another jump.

CEOKenichi Toda


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