Touch, color, softness, tanning process determines how the leather would be.
We, Sanyo Leather is the very few company making 3 types of leather.


Vegetable tanned leather

Vegetable tanned leather is leather tanned using tanning stuff that contains polyphenol from trees. Vegetable tanned leather is very durable and will not lose shape easily. And it is leather-ish and will change how it feels like as you using it. We are one of those few tannery that have the facility and know-how to make vegetable tanned leather. We can make very thick and strong vegetable tanned leather.

You can use it for...

Bags, wallets, card cases, belts etc.

Image of Vegetable tanned leather


Chrome tanned leather

More than 80% of leather being made is chrome tanned leather, it also has a name - "wet blue" from its color after tanning process. Among all 3 types of leather, it has best thermostability and even thin chrome tanned leather is strong and durable. Furthermore, you can make it into any thicknesses, colors or plus additional functions like waterproofing, flame resistance to it.

You can use it for...

Shoes, bags, cloth, furnitures etc.

Image of Chrome tanned leather


Wet white leather

Wet white leather is made by using special tanning stuff, it is rare and we are only tannery who can make this kind of leather. It has good durability, extensibility and softness. Because it looks white after tanning, you can easily make it into very beautiful colors like pastel colors and pale colors.

You can use it for...

Car seats, bags, wallets, card cases, belts etc.

Image of Wet white leather


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