Practicability and individuality
become vital in cashless society.

Since digital payment methods using smartphones and electronic cards are widely used in convenience stores, department stores, resturants or even vending machines, smartphone shells and small wallets with card pocket come into fashion. And leather, the material gives product its own character, becomes popular.

Image of Accessories using Sanyo Leather


Functions + Leather
Make your leather goods different.

From antiviral, anti-bacteria leather to super durable vegetable-tanned leather, we help you create products meeting all kinds of demands of times. These additional functions and special feelings from nature leather, give consumers a sense of comfort.


Sanyo Leather
- High Quality & High Performance
Give charater to your products.
Expand the variation of your products.

Image of Veg-tanned Leather x Sacoche

Veg-tanned Leather x SacocheVeg-tanned Leather x Sacoche

Vegetable tanned leather is leather you can cultivate. Make daily used sacoche by vegetable tanned leather, you can create unique and beloved items.

Image of Anti-bacteial, antiviral leather x Smartphone case

Anti-bacteial, antiviral leather x Smartphone caseAnti-bacteial, antiviral leather x Smartphone case

In the COVID era, we developed the antiviral, anti-bacterial leather, you can use it safely when you go out. Give additional function to your charateristic smartphone shell.


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