Not just the sense of design,
warm and comfort are also important.

The trend of the upholstery industry is changing quite a lot. Since people spending more and more time stay at home, utility, comfortable and relaxed enviornment is now much more important. We need to answer consumers' dversified demands.

Image of Interior using Sanyo Leather
Private Residence - Lahti
Photo by Mikko Ryhänen
Interior architect and designer Joanna Laajisto


Answer the varied tastes in interior and
the needed functionalities.

From Shabby Chic taste to Botanical taste, leather suits for all these varied tastes. Our leather not only has beautiful color and high quality, it also has many functions like anti-flame and anti-bactia to make you products more attractive.


Sanyo Leather
- High Quality & High Performance
Give charater to your products.
Expand the variation of your products.

Image of Veg-tanned leather x Lamp Shade

Veg-tanned leather x Lamp ShadeVeg-tanned leather x Lamp Shade

The veg-tanned leather is very durable, and not easy to distort, you can use it life-long with proper maintenance. Its color will gradually change to veg-tanned leather's unique caramel color. People can "grow" their leather up as they love.

Image of Nonflamable leather x Room Noren

Nonflamable leather x Room NorenNonflamable leather x Room Noren

Nonflamable leather doesn't only give you luxurious feeling, but may also save you in emergency time. You can design it perfectly suit to owner's charater.


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