Give relief, sureness,
comfort and SDGs to shoes.

These years, more people start to be health-minded and outdoor sports are also becoming a huge heat. As a result, sport shoes and sneakers are much more popular now. Relief, sureness, comfort and SDGs are now new normal of shoes. Repairable business shoes and the use of the plastic-free material are answers to this new trend.

Image of Shoes using Sanyo Leather


We support your shoe-making
with our varied functional material.

If you are looking for a alternative material for plastic, leather we use is a natural by-product of meat. If you are worrying about health security, we can provide you anti-bacterial, antiviral leather. If you want to be comfortable and dry in Japan's hot and humid environment, we make many kinds of breathable waterproof leather.
We can answer all your needs with our high functional leather.


Sanyo Leather
- High Quality & High Performance
Give charater to your products.
Expand the variation of your products.

Image of Scrach Tough Leather × Business Shoes

Scrach Tough Leather × Business ShoesScrach Tough Leather × Business Shoes

Scrach Tough Leather is our patented product which has high anti-scrach capability and you can use it for a long period. It is suited for repairable Goodyear Welted shoes.
Register No. 5636404

Image of Anti-bacteial, antiviral & waterproof x Walking shoes

Anti-bacteial, antiviral & waterproof x Walking shoesAnti-bacteial, antiviral & waterproof x Walking shoes

We make water-proof and anti-bacteial, antiviral leather for sneakers. You can wear it in any kind of weather and in COVID Era. Combined with soft sole, it will provide you a good walking experience.


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