Image of From material to production processes


From material to production processes,
we concentrate on enviromental protection.

The material of leather is the by-product of stockbreeding, and usually will need to be disposed of. By making them to leather, which can be used for long years, it is a good way to protect our enviornment. To not to damage the eco-friendly side of leather, Sanyo did many efforts in our production processes. We use natural materials and harmless chemicals, we try to develop water saving manufacture methods, we push foward the CO2 emission reduction progress like use of LEDs, we are always working on enviornmental protection measures.

Image of Green Procurement


Be strict with our emission,
be kind to air, water.

We draw up our Sanyo Leather Standard based on the "Green Procurement" project pushed by the Ministry of the Enviornment. By implementing environmental managements from many aspects of leather manufacturing, we try to make us a supplier that match the "Green Procurement" standard. Some specific measurements we are taking are creating own wastewater treatment that can meet the wastewater dicharging standard, spray or coating methods that will reduce the VOC emission, and do a regular environmental monitoring. Furthermore, we are also try to gain the worldwide accepted LWG certification.

Image of REACH and the OEKO-TEX


Compliant with strict regulations,
our products are ready to export.

These year, around the world, the regualtions and restrictions against chemicals are more and more strict. The chemicals used in our leather meet the RoHS, the REACH and the OEKO-TEX. We also compliant with Japan's Class 1 Designated Chemical Substance and Eco-Leather standards. We fully use our integrated production system to manage all the chemicals used during manufacture.


Measures to achieve SDGs

As an answer to the worldwide measures considering environment, human and future, we also start our initiatives. Not only the material, production process, but also employment environment and energy solutions, we have our own measures to achieve SDGs in 9 aspects.

SDGs「2 Zero Hunger」「3 Good Health and Well-Being」「6 Clean Water and Sanitation」「8 Decent Work and Economic Growth」「9 Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure」「12 Responsible Consumption and Production、つかう責任」「13 Climate Action」「15 Life on Land」「17 Partnerships」


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