Feeling, Thickness, Color, Functionality etc.
Our leather is fully customized.


  • Baby calf skin

    The skin of a cattle within 6 months of its birth. It is thin and soft and has the silk grain. Its gorgeousness and rareness makes it the highest grade skin.

  • Calf skin

    The skin of a cattle from 6 months to 2 years of its birth. Eventhough it cannot compare to the baby calf skin, it also has a super silk grain and it is thicker.

  • Steer hide

    It is from the grown male cattle, who has been castrated within 3 to 6 months of its birth. Compared to baby calf and calf skin, its grain is more rough, but it is much thicker, and has stronger fiber.


  • Vegetable tanned leather

    A thick and strong leather. It will become tougher and softer as you using it. Just as it changes to your liking. This is the leather you can "grow" it. And it is most eco-friendly.

  • Chrome tanned leather

    Flexible and smooth leather, also soft and strong. It can be used to make all kinds of leather goods. This tanning technique is be developed by German about 100 years ago.

  • Wet white leather

    Known as "Himeji White Leather", it is an ancient tanning technique being used around Himeji region. The wet white leather we made is inspire by this traditional technique. The leather is soft and pure white. We can make beautiful and delicate color while keeping its natural feeling.


The looks, feeling and touch, you can make different leather by different processes.


By using different finishings and differents chemicals, we can make varied feelings match your images.


  • Fire resistance

    Leather is not easy to be ignited, actually people wore leather when they were trying to put out a fire. Now we treat leather with nonflamable chemicals to give it a higher fire resistance, so we can make vehicle seats, racing wears and even jet seats from it.

  • Anti-bacterial

    By spraying antibacterial agent onto the leather, or by sink the leather into the agent, we can give leather an antibacterial ability. With it, you can use your leather goods in any situations.

  • Waterproof

    By giving leather waterproof, water resistance function, you can use them in the rain and won't worry about water spots. We can also do fluoride-free leather and washable leather as well.



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