Uniqueness and high-spec will help you draw everybody's attention.

Many companies from other industries like apparel makers, department stores are trying to join the outdoors market and seize their own shares. And the border line of the indoors market and outdoors market becomes indistinct. You need unique and special item to draw other's attention.

Image of Outdoors using Sanyo Leather


Use leather to meet the diverfised needs.

From unflamable leather to waterproof leather, functional leather is good for outdoors items. From casual to elegant, leather suits for all occasions.


Sanyo Leather
- High Quality & High Performance
Give charater to your products.
Expand the variation of your products.

Image of Veg-tanned leather x Folding chair

Veg-tanned leather x Folding chairVeg-tanned leather x Folding chair

Leather goes well with cotton, you can make good and sturdy chair using them. It will be a good partner of the camp fire, and also be a good choice to use in your house. Consumers can enjoy its ageing process.

Image of Nonflammable leather x Apron

Nonflammable leather x ApronNonflammable leather x Apron

This is an apron that can protect you from the sparks of the fire, or other such kind of situations. Since it is made of strong leather, you can put some dangerouse tools like bushcraft knife in its pockets.


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