With our techniques and know-how accumulated in long history,
and with our facility, we make high grade leather.


My faith is "Don't make the same mistake twice". Using the huge data we have, I always try to improve and make the color my customers needed.

Thickness, feeling and color are the 3 key points of leather's quality. Dyeing process will determine the color of leather. Sanyo has a long history, I have the huge data accumulated throughout it. There are more than 2,000 color numbers. In order to make the color our customer want, sometimes I need to try times, each time when I made some changes, I will write the new data down and update my database. Since the color will change even the amount of the dyeing stuff changed for 0.001%, and also the more colors you make, the chance for mistake will grow up, so I always try to make colors from simple color data. What's more, leather is always going to be sprayed or coated, I need to take those into account, let my colleagues easier to do their jobs and make the best leather.

Image of Checking the leatherKazuma Horai (Joined us in 2019)


Spray is difficult, it affects the feeling, color and touchess of leather. I try to find the best way to do it to answer customers' demands.

It is important to spray at the same speed and even amount of fluid when you do the hand spray. I love muscle training, and thank to that, I can more easily control my force and feel how should I do it. Even I'm a new comer, I can do good jobs and get encourage from my manager. I usually check my spray from all angles, from front and sideway, or even use another light. That's beacause the color may looks different if any of those changes. We have several kinds of lights to simulate customers' environments. I talk with my colleagues, my manager, or sometimes even with my customers to decide how should I do the finish. With all the advices and guides from my veteran seniors, I can learn more and improve myself and be one of them to make Sanyo quality better in the future.

Image of Checking the leatherFrom left:
Raito Takada (Joined us in 2019), Hiroaki Matsuura (Joined us in 1989)


We have various test machines, some of them are the only ones in Japan. Use them we can develop material in high speed, and cope with kinds of quality standards.

Leather's physical property like extensibility and strength has a national standard. However, customers may have their own and more strict standards. Sanyo has our own test machines to do all kinds tests following all kinds of standards. And everytime, we share the results to technicans so we can improve quality and skills. Among them, we have the only one GORE-TEX test machine in Japan, and we can do the breathability test by ourselves. Usually, when you make GORE-TEX ready material in Japan, you have to ask their labs to do the test, which are in other countries. That takes quite a lot of time. With our facility, we can develop the material you needed faster.

Image of Checking the leatherTsutomu Kozaki (Joined us in 1997)


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