Eco bags, suitcases, and bags suitable for all kinds of situations become the trend.

Plastic bags charging policy and more frequenty shopping caused by stay home, make the eco bag demands going up. The demonds of domestic tourism help the recovery of the suitcase market. The product that can be used both in office and private is becoming popular.

Image of Bag using Sanyo Leather


Leather gives more shining points
to your best-selling products.

Using leather in a backpack makes it calm and mature, and you can use it in both business occasions and private occasions.
If you use antiviral, waterproofed leather to make an eco-bag, it will not only be a practical item, but also be fashion and cool.


Sanyo Leather
- High Quality & High Performance
Give charater to your products.
Expand the variation of your products.

Image of Veg-tanned Leather x Backpack

Veg-tanned Leather x BackpackVeg-tanned Leather x Backpack

A backpack make by chic veg-tanned leather will be good in business and private. Leather will ageing little by little and can be used for a long time, which can satisfy environmentally conscious consumers.

Image of Washable Waterproof Leather x Eco-bag

Washable Waterproof Leather x Eco-bagWashable Waterproof Leather x Eco-bag

By pasting a special film to the flesh side, we make a washable waterproof leather. You can use it to make the eco-bag without worrying the sanitation problem.


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