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100 BASIC / 100 BASIC BOOK have won “Good Design Award 2017”

“100 BASIC / 100 BASIC BOOK” of Sanyo Leather Co., Ltd have won Good Design Award 2017 (Operated by Japan Institute of Design Promotion). 100 types of full vegetable tanned natural leather were placed in gradient color variation, with 10 types each of “Based Leather” on horizontal and “Finishing” on vertical, which easy to understand the difference between full vegetable tanned natural leather. The easy-to-buy leather swatch book and website also received high praise. With a good chance of winning Good Design Award, our company wants to expand the market with “100 Basic Book”, increase leather craftsmen and give a new start to Japan making style a.k.a. Monozukuri activities along with outperforming quality leather.

□ Award-winning item : Leather swatch website /
Leather swatch book [100 BASIC / 100 BASIC BOOK]

□ Outline : Choose leather by
[Based Leather] x [Finishing] method

□ Comments from Good Design Committee :
Understand functionalities at first sight,being excited by website design creativity.
With purchasable leather swatch book,the beauty of 100 types of leather material as if the color sample of cosmetics.
High evaluated from B2B business of our company will give a new route to a normal customer and leather craftsmen branding method.

Item introduction on Good Design Award official website :

The Item will exhibit at “GOOD DESIGN EXHIBITION 2017”
Exhibition will be hold at Tokyo Midtown on 1st November, all awarded item will exhibit at “GOOD DESIGN EXHIBITION 2017”, “100 Basic / 100 Basic Book” will be announce as winner of Good Design Award 2017.
Date: 1st November 2017 – 5th November 2017
Venue: Tokyo Midtown (9-7-1 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo)

What is the Good Design Award?
Good Design Award has been a sole comprehensive design evaluation and commendation system in Japan since 1957. Many Companies and designer from both inside and outside of Japan participate in the activity to enhance the industry or the quality of life through the design. “G Mark”, the symbol of the award has been recognized widely as mark representing good design.

※The picture of “100 Basic / 100 Basic Book” have been prepared. Please contact the below address for more details
Press Release Inquiry Address
Sanyo Leather Co., Ltd. Mr. SHIOTA KAZUYA  TEL:+81-79-281-2141

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